Privacy Policy

Purpose: To comply with Personal Data Protection Act 2012 requirements and respects the choices of customers in respect of their personal data.


  1. The main purpose for which customers personal data is collected, used or disclosed by Auratac include verifying your identity, create and maintain of customers database with the following objectives, in providing customers:
    1. Awareness and promotion of our products and services
    2. Managing customer accounts, eg. Auratac membership, Direct Mailing (DM), eDM, Social Network, etc
    3. Processing payments for online shopping
    4. Queries and feedback
    5. Customers relationship
    6. Products research and market analysis
    7. As well as where permitted under the law, sending you marketing and promotional offers on our products and services, and personalized content and adverting.
  2.  Thecustomer is aware that the customer personal data will be retained by Auratac and will be accessible to employees of Auratac and any otherthird parties engaged by Auratac for or in relation to any of thepurposes listed above.
  3. Inaddition, if you have registered your telephone number with the national Do NotCall (DNC) registry, we will not send you promotional and marketing messagesvia your telephone number unless you have provided Auratac consent todo so. Should you wish to stop receiving promotional or marketing messages from Auratac or to feedback or enquire relating to your personal data, yourwritten request should be addressed to:Address: 50 Tagore Lane, EntrepreneurCentre, #B1-01 , Singapore 787494Email Address: For more information about PDPA, pleasevisit the Personal Data Protection Commission’s website at
  4. We will respond within 30 working days uponreceipt of your request.
  5. Telephone Number: 63728809
  6. Data Protection Officer